Oct 12, 2009

(Re)Starting the hardware projects

In last January I was visiting my home-country, Uruguay, and was the opportunity to take me back some of my stuff (magazines, infos, instruments, parts, unfinished stuff). This makes me to re-think one thing: I was keeping me away of all kind of 'old stuff' since long time; but as I am in posessing (again) of parts and info for the Sandin IP that I was collecting for years in Uruguay, maybe is time to finish this.

For the people who don't know a Sandin IP it is... go to Google for this!... well, well, I'll try to explain in the short way: is for video what a modular Moog is for audio. I must admit that I'm more on portable systems but for now I could take advantage of what I have. Maybe in the next future I could build a Jones system; for me this is for video, what a VCS3 is for audio ;)

Lately I was in contact with people already has build a Sandin IP asking some clues, counting the parts and sorting the wide and confusing info available on the web. I think this first part is over (if not, I don't care). To start the building process, I was forced to do some "new" adaptations, so this will not be a "classic IP" as I could wish.

All the IP's I know are in the US, so I can't put my hands on one to see if it's worth all the effort. Judging by some videos processed by the IP on the web I'm positive on that. Hopefully someday I can do an ETC residency where exists the most complete Sandin IP.

Now the advice to others: I will say the exactly the same all people say regarding of building one IP: I don't encourage you to build one... but I will add "ONLY if you have the time AND enough money"

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