Oct 30, 2009

Every religion needs a little of order

I was reading carefully 'Distribution Religion', Criticalartware version, and sometimes I though that I'm missing something, I was right because I've checked other pdf's I've downloaded and found some pages missed and other pages differents.

So, to use only one document as reference manual, I've made a page by page comparation of all the documents about the Sandin IP on the web and finally ensambled one pdf to use in my project. It have the main part coming from the Criticalartware's pdf, in second place it have some pages from the Phil Morton's pdf from the Vasulka website, at last it have one or two pages from others pdf's I don't remember now.

Criticalartware's pdf is almost right, but my main critic is because it is fairly a mess, so I decided give the new pdf a structured layout. Each module is arranged in a group of pages starting by the description, then the front face of module, a block diagrams (if exists), the schematic followed by the pcb mounting and the part list at last.

The modules order I've used is arbitrary, I think it follow a logic order of construction (to me), I left at the final the sync generator and the encoder because it seems to me is possible to found better options (and easier to build) today. And at very last of the pdf I put the 'non classical' modules, I mean those modules not recommended in the construction of a 'Classic Sandin IP' (but could be nice additions) .

Now I think I would have a more productive reading because I use to skip several pages ahead, and again skip pages back very, very often. At least to me, now is easy to follow the directions to build a module in particular. Sometime ago I was thinking about re-write, re-draw and re-assemble the whole document but I guess if I do, I never will start build nothing. I want concentrate my efforts on learning how the IP works, and let this 'documenting impulse' for the IP v2.0 comming next.

I don't know if someone else, other than me, is crazy enough to experiment with 40 years old circuits (it could be possible! there are a bunch of people building Moog clones), so for those people, maybe could find interesting my Distribution Religion re-edition, I put this link below [on the picture] (I couldn't find a good file service than esnips.com)

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