Oct 12, 2009

Pressing reset to this blog

I know, has been a long time from the last post, more than a year! My life becomes very complicated lately and this keeps me very busy to persue my internet projects. To make things worse, Googlepages is closing so this means all I have prepared to publish will need some rework, and I have not enough time to do it.

So... I think I will be puting all sort of info on this blog (a little bit messy), I'll cleaning ideas and writings, then (if it doesn't take me much time) publish on the webpage (GoogleSites, GooglePages or whatever). I don't like Google Pages because the url turn a little bit complicated to retain... but... what can I do?... is free.

Anyway, I was checking this blog and nobody come yet, so then it will be a new beginning. The next post will be juicy... I promise

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