Nov 1, 2009

Some truths and some thoughts

Lately I was in contact with Dick Sippel (who built the excellent IP that is now in ETC) and Daniel Sandin. They both gave me their visions on building one IP in nowadays, as many people say, building one classic IP could be difficult because the parts are hard to obtain (which is no true, easily I obtained the chips); otherwise, there is no other impediment to build it.

But what is true, as stated by Sippel and Sandin, building one with modern components is possible to gain better specs with the additional benefit that the chips could be found anywhere.

Dan Sandin suggested me some parts, AD811 in place of the CA3030 and a pair of AD834 to replace the MC1445. Immediately downloaded the datasheets and he was right with this election, at very first sight seems the perfect election. I remember some other chips I was evaluating in the past, some of it maybe doesn't manufactured anymore; élantec, gennum and linear technologies come to my mind now. For those interested in the chips and other parts I will be putting all the datasheets and other info in the esnips folder that you could find in this link.

But what keeps me thinking these days is the encoder; obviously the original encoder can't be built so is necesary find a modern sustitute, in the next posts I will expand the encoder options.

As a side project and as result of all my previous researchs about the Sandin IP, I'm trying to find coincidences and differences between all the IP's built. Until today I was able to (almost) locate 5 IP's, but Mr. Sandin told me he count between 20 and 25 systems built. Seems lots of IP's to find! I think the most complete and expanded is the IP on ETC by Dick Sippel, others systems seems was built with the minimal recommended configuration. At the same time I'm seeking more information, I'm trying to do a online database, probably in Google docs.

My last comment for today is to make one correction, I was reading again an interview to Sandin by Woody Vasulka and found the following statement talking about Phil Morton: "He's completely responsible for the documentation", so what I written in my pdf (original content by Dan Sandin) is not true, of course all the knowledge behind is Sandin's but the content of the original Distribution Religion was written by Phil Morton. I wanted to clarify that, maybe asking Mr. Sandin he could expand on that.

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